“Uniquifying” Your Business with Software

What is “Uniquifying?”

Why would a client choose to use your company over one of your competitors? What is it that sets your company apart from others in your industry? Depending on the industry your company is in, it might be more difficult to answer this question than others. The good news is that in this day and age, technology, as long as it’s being used properly, can be a huge help when answering this question. I can’t guarantee that it will be the answer to all problems, but it can most certainly answer a few!

Projects, Decisions, and Software

Why does any company plan, coordinate, and execute projects? I think any business owner or manager would agree that it’s to “increase the bottom line.” Whether that’s through a cost savings initiative or revenue growth strategy, the goal is still the same – to increase value to their shareholders. With that being said, increasing value to shareholders over the course of 100 years might not be ideal. This is where decision making comes into play. If accurate decisions can be made faster, then projects can be completed quicker and more efficiently, leaving more time for other projects which could increase revenue more frequently.

Consider a home construction company as an example. Their goal with every project is to have a house at the end of the project that can be sold to someone who will buy it (increasing the bottom line). If the construction company is like everyone else and is only able to complete one home in 3 months, then that’s four projects that can be completed every year. The question I would ask is “Why does it take 3 months to complete one house?” Let’s assume in this example that the construction is being held up by decision making – maybe it’s difficult to understand how much raw materials to purchase, or maybe the future homeowner has the plans, but hasn’t yet selected a location, etc. If these decisions could be made faster and with accurate results, then construction time could be sped up – maybe cutting time in half, so two projects could be completed per year instead of one. That means double the revenue in the course of one year!

The goal of using custom software is to help decisions to be made easier, faster, and more accurately. Notice – I didn’t say to help people make decisions, but just that decisions can be made easier and faster. In other words, people don’t necessarily need to be involved in all decision making, you can have systems do that for you and “spit out” the results.

There are two targets, or goals, that should be addressed when considering starting any new project:

  1. Will this project help people (myself, my managers, my customers, etc.) make decisions faster? (This results in higher revenues)
  2. Will this project help to make my business more efficient? (This results in higher efficiency, which means lower costs, which in return yields higher net profits)

If you cannot answer a resounding “Yes!” to at least one of these questions, then I would question the need for the project in general. If you did, however, answer “Yes!” to at least one of those questions, then we can start asking the question “How?”

How can I Uniquify Using Technology?

At this point, you know what your challenge is – It takes you too long to build a house (join the club – that’s the same issue all construction companies have!). And you also know that if you were able to build a house quicker, it would mean that you could increase your revenue on a year over year basis. The problem is that you don’t how to decrease your build time while still maintaining the same quality. This is where you might start considering options to address the challenge. One option might be getting rid of employees and replacing them with more efficient ones. The problem here is that you’re making an assumption that the employees you already have are inefficient, which might not be the case. In cases like construction (and I choose construction merely because everyone has somewhat of an understanding of what needs to happen for a house to be built), where the business might be running pretty efficiently to begin with, it might be hard to understand what can be done in order to decrease project completion time. This is where considering technology might be a good option to help your business move past its challenge.

Consider the following options imploring technology to help increase your bottom line:

  1. Have a tablet app created for you so you can show a potential new customer, while standing in their living room, what new flooring might look like in their house. (Winning the customer)
  2. Have a custom program built for you that would allow you to automatically file for permits with the county / city, etc. (Time savings)
  3. Have a tablet app created for you so that you can stand on an empty lot of a potential custom home customer and show them what their home would look like on that lot. (Winning the customer)

These options are just three of the options that might be helpful in increasing your bottom line, but pay close attention to the first and third option especially – these options do much more than help to increase your profits – they help set your business apart from all the other construction companies in the area. Many companies don’t realize how much technology can play an important role in differentiating their company from competitors, who are having similar issues with customers not making a selection on flooring (costs time) or being fickle when selecting their lot (also a time waster)! Technology can be seen as very difficult to manage, understand, quantify, qualify, etc. The problem with this is that when people don’t understand a particular topic, it can be easily discarded as something they don’t need to worry about or even consider – and with technology, this can be exceptionally easy to do!

The reality however, is that you, as the business owner, don’t need to worry yourself with the technology (or even understand it for that matter) – that is where we come in! We’re the technology experts that can help you to look at your challenge from a technical perspective and help you determine if there is an aspect in your process that can be streamlined into more efficient decision making.

Contact pearGate Software today for a free consultation on one or a few business processes that are bottlenecks in your organization and we will help you understand if there is a technology approach that might help you be able to push past it!

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