Custom SoftwareWhat does that mean?

If you’re a small-niche company, you probably use Microsoft Excel or Access (if you’re an advanced techie) to manage many different parts of your business. This is great if you’re just starting out, but if your business is doing well, you’re probably running into some issues with keeping up with all of your data or being able to accurately report your data. When you reach this point of frustration where you’re spending more time updating and managing spreadsheets than running your business, you slowly start to realize that tools like Excel or Access have their limits.

If the above situation doesn’t apply to you, then you might find yourself in a situation just wishing that you had “some program” that would allow you to do ______, but no matter how hard you search, you cannot find this perfect solution.

This is where pearGate Software comes in. We write custom software specifically around your business needs.

How do we do it?

We have a specific process for gathering your requirements that leaves the geeky “tech-talk” out of it and gets right down to your business process or workflow. Here are the steps that we take to make sure that you get the exact application that you need:

  • Gathering requirements
    We take some time to discuss with you what you’re trying to accomplish. We ask lots of questions to make sure that we fully understand your business process and take a look at all of the current tools and applications that you’re already using in order to accomplish your goal. Once we have a solid understanding of what we need to build, we come up with an…
  • Architectural Design
    In this phase, we design and do a “mock-up” of your new application. This will show you in a real way what your application will eventually look like once it’s completed. After we’ve designed your application, then we start our…
  • Development / Implementation
    This is the phase where we actually begin building the functionality of your application. At this point, we have the design of what your application will look like. Now, we just need to make it work the way you’re expecting it to! We have a very interactive process between you and us while we’re in this phase. Basically, we perform the development while you perform the…
  • Testing
    Believe it or not, “Testing” is your area of expertise! At this stage in the process, we go back and forth between “Development / Implementation” and “Testing” in order to make sure that everything is exactly how you want it. We rely on your feedback on every screen that we build in order to build it correctly. As we build your application and piece-by-piece, it starts to come together, we start on…
  • Documentation
    You can think of “Documentation” as your “User Manual” for the application. This manual will show you how to perform all functions that are written into your application. When we’re finally through with “Development” and “Testing” for all the requirements of your application, we perform the…
  • Deployment
    This is the stage where we actually implement our software for you to use. We have a few different options for deployment and application usage. For these options, please speak with our Sales Department to learn more. Once we have deployed the application, we move in to…
  • Maintenance and Support
    This is the final stage in the development process. As you continue to use the application, you will no doubt have feature enhancements and different items that you would like to include in the software. At this time, you can contact our Sales Team to request a feature enhancement. If the application (for some very odd and unlikely reason) is malfunctioning or not working as expected, you can contact our Support Team to assist you ASAP.

Should you have any questions or would like additional information, please visit our Contact page to get in touch with us. Or, you can take a look at “Why we’re different” or consulting services.

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