Maintenance & Hosting


Like any other software, there is maintenance involved. Maintenance, in software, is like your insurance policy. As long as you’re paying for maintenance, you can rest assured that you will always have the most up-to-date version of your software running and that your questions, comments, and concerns  are a priority for us.


Hosting is how your application is made available for the world (or whoever your pre-determined audience is) to view, use, and interact with. Without hosting, you have an application, but no one (including yourself) will be able to reach it.

The pearGate Advantage

With pearGate, we simplify the maintenance and hosting into one monthly fee. The fee that you pay is dependent on the type of package that you’ve purchased with us. There are two packages that we offer: Platform and Custom. To learn more about each package and what they include, please see below. If you have already purchased a package with us, but you are unsure of which package you have, please contact your sales representative or use our Contact Us page in order to get ahold of us.


  • Custom Domain Name
  • Custom Email
  • Site Uptime
  • Site Changes
  • Bug Fixes

Platform PackageM&H on a Platform

  • Custom domain name
  • Custom email on your domain
  • Monitored uptime for your site
  • Thousands of changes included free of charge
  • Bug fixes always included
  • Much more!

Custom PackageFor Custom-made Software

  • Custom domain name
  • Custom email on your domain
  • Monitored uptime for your site
  • Custom changes for your site*
  • 6 Months of bug fixes included
  • Much more!



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