It started in 2007

pearGate Software was founded in 2007 under a different name in Bakersfield, CA.

Custom software was the main focus back then. Some of our first projects included a sports live streaming website, a homemade candle company, and a time tracking application for the telecommunications industry. We've done many more since then, but that's where we started.

From Custom-Coded to Custom-Created

Through the years, as WordPress became more and more widely used and accepted, we started migrating our custom software to the WordPress platform. WordPress had a lot of features that were already "out of the box" that we didn't have to worry about building for each client. Features like user management, logging in, page management, blog functionality, etc.

We were building these features as custom modules for each and every client, but...for each and every client, these components really behaved the same way. It was at that point that we realized that every time we started work for a new client, we'd really start with the same setup that we had created from the ground-up - essentially duplicating and reduplicating efforts over and over again!

The difference with pearGate

Generally speaking, there really is no reason to build a custom WordPress site (yes, sometimes there are exceptions, but those are few and far between). Many companies out there will custom-code a site spending countless hours on something that, essentially, is already built! Then...they charge you for those hours! Not only will they charge you, but since they built it custom - there's not really anyone else who can support it! That means you're now locked in!

Custom code is expensive!!

You don't need custom code to get a custom solution!

Other companies will try to tell you that you need to have something built custom for you in order to differentiate you from your competitors. That's a lie! We know that's a bold statement, but give us a call - we'll tell you the whole story. You don't need custom code to get a custom-built solution for your company!